A bit about us...and why

The internet can be a bit of an anonymous place to do business and you can never really know the people you are doing business with from reading a few words. However, we thought we would introduce ourselves to you and tell you a bit about who we are, our experience and our capabilities. Best maybe if you call us and we have a nice reassuring chat though, so pick up the phone! 01273 204522 or email us and we will call you info@nmproductions.co.uk

N M Productions was founded in the dark days of 1991 when tumble weeds last rolled down our high streets and has remained committed to quality and service in many areas of Design and Print ever since.

Neil and Sally - our two main points of contact - have between them well over 30 years of finding clever and effective solutions (please shoot me for using that word) to people's printing needs and what they don't know about ink being applied to surfaces is really very unworthy of your concern.

We buy materials (papers or plastics generally) to print on and then run them through a trade press be it screen, litho, digital or even UV litho at our very low bulk purchased rates. Then we ship the printed sheets out to a trade finisher for any one of a vast number of processes. This working method has many benefits for us and our clients. Firstly and most importantly, we print each job on the most appropriate machine for that project and not the machine we happen to have. You wouldn't dream of cutting grass with scissors or of using an HGV as a taxi to the station now would you? Of course not, it would be uneconomical and time consuming...

Secondly it means we are ultra quick to act and fitting with the modern 'just in time' ethos so we never have to say we are too busy that week as we have almost limitless capacity.

Thirdly it means that, because we are multi-skilled and can produce many forms of printed matter, you don't have to go and find an untried and untested supplier for that slightly unusual project.

Fourthly it means we always keep bang up to date with technology so you get the best results at the lowest prices!

Lastly we are personally very helpful and pleasant to work with we think!